After spending years servicing, repairing, salvaging and rebuilding the thousands of cool old guitars that have come through our shop, we're proud to finally be able to offer those same services to the public through our new onsite repair shop!

Working within our Gladesville store, Vaughan Ashcroft specialises primarily in repairs, maintenance and restoration of used and vintage guitars (especially Japanese ones) but he's happy to work on just about anything. With over 15 years of repair experience, Vaughan's ability is on par with just about any tech in the country.

We offer services including (but not limited to): 


  • Basic setups and routine maintenance.

  • Truss adjustments and repairs.

  • Nut slotting, lubricating or replacement.

  • Fret levelling, crowning and polishing.

  • Re-fretting.

  • Headstock, neck and other structural repairs.

  • Pickup replacement.

  • Pot and switch replacement/repair.

  • Hi-5's or handshakes.

Unlike some of the techs around, we pride ourselves on being very reasonable with our turnaround times and we genuinely love what we do.

Get in touch and let us bring your cool old guitar back to it's former glory. Either pop into the shop during Vaughan's opening hours (12-5pm Tuesday to Saturday), give Vaughan a call directly on 0450 347 804, or fill in the form below!