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1980's Ibanez DML20 Modulation Digital Delay MIJ Japan Vintage Effects Pedal
1980's Ibanez DML20 Modulation Digital Delay MIJ Japan Vintage Effects Pedal

1980's Ibanez DML20 Modulation Digital Delay MIJ Japan Vintage Effects Pedal

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There are many effects which are basically adaptations of delay, but none provides you with the extremely broad range of applications the DML20 Digital Modulation Delay III does, which simply delivers them all. Both the bandwidth, all the way up to 16 kHz, and the delay times from 1ms to 1024ms cover a very wide spectrum. Not only every kind of echo effect, but chorus and flanging as well are yours at the touch of a pedal. In addition to a pure, clear delay, you get a stereo output that gives your sound a depth and spaciousness that will enhance the atmosphere of almost any music.

The DML20 operates on the same principles as other delays, such as the DDL20, but with the added feature of modulation. An L.F.O. (low frequency oscillator) changes the delay time periodically. The sweep width, or distance between extremes in delay time, is set by the width control. The period of the sweep cycle is set by the speed control. When delay time is changed (manually or via L.F.O. at regular intervals) the pitch also changes. At short delay settings the pitch sweep is more noticeable than the delays.

To make using the DML20 modulation capabilities even easier, the various effect names are clearly labelled next to the Mode selectiopn knob. Try the following settings for chorus and flanging. First, set the Mode to "Chorus", turn the D-Time control fully clockwise for maximum delay, set Repeat to 0 and D-Level to about 3 or 4. Now, all you have to do is adjust Speed and Width according to your preferences, and you will get a superbly rich chorus sound. (For a particularly intense and spacious chorus effect, you might also want to try "Doubling" mode.) Next, aim for a luxuriant flanging sound by setting Mode to "Flanger". (You could also obtain a flanger effect in "Chorus" mode if you lower the D-Time.) Suitable Repeat values are around 6 to 9. Then, simply adjust Speed and Width until you have the kind of "movement" best for your music. If possible, be sure to make use of the stereo outputs for an even more dynamic, atmospheric flanging effect.

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1980's Ibanez DML20 Modulation Digital Delay MIJ Japan Vintage Effects Pedal