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We absolutely love bringing old gear back to life! While we do some work in-house, we outsource a lot of it to some of our freelance techs. Here's who to contact (make sure you let them know we sent you!): 

Adam - Deep Tone Music (Lewisham, Sydney)
For deep cleans, nuts, fretwork, electronics and setups. An expert in bringing new shine to your crusty old gear and has a real knack for creative solutions. 

Brad - Brad Cannon Guitar Services (Blue Mountains, NSW)
For neck breaks and repairs, paint touch-ups, refrets and acoustics. He's worked with and learned from some of the biggest names in the industry and offers incredible work without the 12-month wait times. 

Lachlan - Earthling Designs
For pedals and electronic repairs. We send him everything from old Boss gear to modern boutique builds. It always returns as good as new!